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Welcome! This site has a variety of information - mostly around travel, the Foreign Service, and books, all of which I love. I will be posting book reviews and travel reviews hopefully a few times a week. If you would like to see anything in particular done, please comment! Also, comment to share your stories and thoughts!

Eek! I finished this more than a week ago now but have just gotten around to doing the post. I am working on my bookstagram (@ashlett26) and language classes – but we’re back on schedule. Gotta just do a book review as soon as I’m done… Spoilers! Plot: On the island of Fennbirn, there are […]

I heard of some others reading this book and though it’s not totally typical, I figured I’d give it a try. SPOILERS! Plot: Samantha and her step-mother Vivian head back to her father’s hometown of Salem, MA, because they can’t afford to keep living in New York. Her father, Charles, fell into a coma and […]

Well, yes, so it’s been awhile. I’m not quite sure why I stopped, especially because I’ve read over 60 books, so it’s not like I stopped reading. I somehow got out of the groove, and it’s time to get back into it. I will try to do the books I’m currently reading, but I might […]

A bit delayed, but it took me awhile to think of where I should review next. I have quite a few places in India I haven’t covered yet, but I wanted to do something warm and fun for those of you dreaming of nice weather stuck in the cold. (I wouldn’t know – Hyderabad is […]

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I was originally going to do this book review on another book I recently finished (yes, I’ve already read two books for the new year), but my stepsister sent me a trilogy for Christmas that looked really promising. And, indeed, I devoured the first book, “The False Prince” of the Ascendancy trilogy. Let me first […]

This review is going to cover two towns: Berchtesgaden and Rothenburg. I’m doing them both at the same time because I covered them at the same time and there isn’t much that each has to take up too much space, and we went there for one reason: Christmas in Germany! I think Christmas is the […]

I did a LOT of reading in 2015 (partially because of knowing I wanted to do book reviews on my blog), and I’m proud. Here is my list – at the end, I’ll go through what I think were the highs and lows. My goal for 2015 was to read 50 books, which is nearly […]

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I’ve somehow kept up with my book reviews but not my travel reviews. Whoops! Lots of travel recently and no computer, so those will begin again on Friday. Anyway, on to the review! I’m not sure if people have figured out how I pick my books, but it’s usually one of two ways: Free and/or […]

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I binged on this series and I have some good things to say and some not-so-good things. But first… Plot (spoilers!):  Our story first starts in Chicago, where Kricket is hiding out and staying under the radar from the Department of Social Services until she turns 18, as she’s an orphan that’s run away from […]

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Phew. Well, now that vacation is over, I can get back to posting. I finished recently a book recommended by a friend called “Feed.” It isn’t my usual type of book (a bit more “real” than I like), but I’ve recommended to her so many books that I figured I should do the same and […]