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Welcome! This site has a variety of information - mostly around travel, the Foreign Service, and books, all of which I love. Monday and Friday, I will post a travel review and/or tip. Wednesdays, I will post a book review. Please comment to share your stories!

Maybe because I’ve re-started this with a focus on travel/reading, I’ve found a couple of good travel websites. I’m not going to review them, but I want to pass them along for my travel-hungry readers. 1. Afar, – the website is a bit cluttered for my taste, but they separate things by interest, hotel, experience, […]

book reviews

As I’ve said before, this will be a combination of both a plot summary and my reaction to the writing, etc. So, please beware: spoilers ahead!  Dreams of Gods and Monsters was, at first, a long book. It’s much longer than the previous too at 539 pages. I wasn’t sure what could be written about in […]

Domestic Airlines in India

Flying in India is an experience. (There is a hilarious video online about this. I’m not going to link it because well, diplomacy, but I think if you wanted to, you could google it.) I have flown many a time where the person next to me had no idea even how to put on their […]

Male Bengal Tiger

I can at least say I’ve seen Bengal tigers during my time here in india. It might seem counter intuitive, but the best time to go is in the summer. Indian summer is between April and beginning June, generally.  The next season is monsoon season, which is when I always think of summer. There basically is […]

book reviews

First book review! I decided to go with the two books (out of the trilogy) that I am currently reading. This will be a combined review of books one and two of Laini Taylor’s “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” series. I thought it was only two books, so had been waiting to write this review […]

I was thinking for awhile about the use of this blog. I don’t want it really to be about the Foreign Service, per se, as there are already a lot of good blogs and honestly, I don’t want to accidentally get myself in trouble. Instead, I’m going to focus this blog on being a book […]

There were a lot of changes and triage during the last month, but I worked through it, worked my best, and I did it. I achieved the 2/2 I needed to get in Telugu. I was actually a bit disappointed in my score – but this is how I am. As both my boyfriend and […]

In Telugu readings, you often come across the same kind of verbs, just like in American newspapers. But, given that we have to complete timed readings, it’s easier when you can easily recognize some of the commonly used verbs. I hopefully got them all right. The verbs below are pulled directly from my readings, not in […]

My test is in about 19 days. Holy ****. I have been freaking out pretty much the last week, and I think I haven’t been sleeping well from the anxiety as well. I’ve been talking to a lot of the Language Consultants at FSI (there really is a lot of support staff there ready to […]