2015 Year in Books

I did a LOT of reading in 2015 (partially because of knowing I wanted to do book reviews on my blog), and I’m proud. Here is my list – at the end, I’ll go through what I think were the highs and lows.

2015 yyib header maxres

My goal for 2015 was to read 50 books, which is nearly one a week. I originally started out hoping for 40 books and had to up in when I started going on a binge.

I think it’s easy to read a lot of books when you read series – because you’re (almost) always itching for the next one. I found some really good books this year that I found wonderful to read and had some really terrible ones too. So, here’s my list!

Favorite series of 2015: Daughter of Smoke and Bone series – It’s amazingly, beautifully written. The whole series was wonderful, tying in fantasy and magic and romance. It was apparently really long (I didn’t know because it was on my nook) and I flew through it because the whole series was wonderful.

Favorite stand alone book of 2015: “First and Then” – it’s a retelling of Pride & Prejudice in this absolutely modern, lovely way. I really, really identified with the main character, Devon, and really wish I had had this book when I was a senior in high school.

Most surprising  book of 2015: The Selection series – I did not at all expect to like this. It’s Hunger Games meets The Bachelor. What the hell. I don’t watch the Bachelor because I think it’s ridiculous. But the romance is adorable; the characters are genuine; and eventually you get more into the politics of it all that I really enjoyed. I can’t wait for the 5th book, the sequel to “The Heir.”

Most thoughtful book of 2015: “The Feed” – not sure if it should be thoughtful or scary. I found myself saying “that thing” a lot before I read this book and now I try really hard NOT to say that. It’s a fascinating look on what happens if the bad parts of the internet take over and we forget the good parts of what it should be used for…

Book Where I Know The Author: “Duplicity.” Ehh! It’s a great book and a friend wrote it and I LOVE her writing, so check it out!

Worst book of 2015: “Dragonborn” – it’s fantasy smut. And while I don’t (occassionaly) mind smut, this was just…like a porno. Just too much.

2nd worst book of 2015: “The Academy” – the main character was just pathetic…Like, just could not do anything herself. It was like a prequel to a series and I didn’t like it so much I didn’t buy the series which I almost never do, even if the first book is only meh (I’m a series addict).

Most disappointing series of 2015: The Kricket Series – UGH! I REALLY liked the first one. A lot! And the 2nd one was good too – and then…and then…it just…no. So much no. So disappointed with how it ended. More so than Allegiant.

Rip-off series of 2015: The Testing Series – it’s Hunger Games, just…weaker.

Clearly, a LOT of fantasy and magic and romance and YA. I might try and branch out next year, but I just really enjoy all of those concepts! But maybe one or two more non-fiction or work-related books might be a good idea.

Challenge for 2016: 55 books read! Game on! (I’m already ahead. Started a book in 2015 and finishing it tonight…)

What books did you guys like from 2015 and what should I put on my reading list for 2016??


One thought on “2015 Year in Books

  1. I followed you here from your YouTube channel and I just subscribed to your blog too.
    I read around the same number of books in 2015 but decided to push myself in 2016 and see if I could read 100 books 🙂
    Check out my blog too. http://runwright,net

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