Foreign Service Information

Please note: This page will be updated when I find something interesting and remember to post it here.

When I joined: July 15th, 2013

Where I am now: Washington, D.C. – language training

Where I have been: Hyderabad, India

Where I will go next: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Where I would like to go eventually: Southeast or East Asia – Vietnam, Laos, Burma/Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Japan, AIT [Taiwan], Turkey [because Istanbul would be AWESOMEAMAZING]

Good blogs to follow about Foreign Service Life:
A [now tandem] couple and their life in the FS. As in a couple myself, I really like this blog. And the writing is fantastic. It’s just a great reality read of the FS process:

American Indian Public Diplomacy FSO [interesting because Jake is American Indian]:

Books to read about the Foreign Service:
Career Diplomacy by Charles A. Gillespie
Inside a U.S. Embassy by Shawn Dorman
America’s Other Army by Nicholas Kralev
Realities of a Foreign Service Life by Patricia Linderman and Melissa Brayer-Hess

Tips for the Foreign Service Test:
Buy the test guide for sample questions
Practice Exam
Geography Test
13 dimensions
Advice: Google is amazing – don’t buy too many study guides, honestly.

Foreign Service Articles:
“Being a Foreign Service Officer Became Much, Much Harder After 9/11” from The Atlantic
“Diplomats death in Afghanistan Worries Foreign Service Students” from The Washington Post
“Remember the Diplomats Too” from Dallas News


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