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Remember what I said about learning things about English grammar that you didn’t even know until you learn a language: this is one of those times. In Telugu, the “dative” case is used quite frequently for many different things. According to Wikipedia, The dative case is a grammatical case generally used to indicate the noun to which something is given, as […]

It might be a little bit of a longer post, but these four verbs can kind of all be lumped together. They do similar things to each other that are different (and easier) than other verbs. Luckily they are easier because they are super useful! These verbs are all similar because the verbs themselves do […]

So far that I can tell, negative present tense (“I do not eat”) is not necessarily difficult, but listening to it is going to be difficult. Let’s take a look at the rules first. Rule #1: Take the verb form, change everything to an “a” sound. (Basically, take out all the ు sounds) Rule #2: Apply […]

I told you it was going to get confusing, and oh my goodness it will. Present tense verbs you think would be simple. But they never are. And Telugu is no different. I wish it were like Chinese: no conjugations! Alas…here we go. Telugu verbs are like romance language verbs; that is, there are formal […]

It’s hard to figure out where to start with the grammar, so unfortunately blog-readers, you’re going to have to go with my whims. Probably reviewing whatever I’m going over in class today – which won’t make much sense for you. Sorry. I have officially upgraded my Mac and can write and read in Telugu with it […]