Well, classes technically started today. However, because of my fantastic (weird) schedule, I don’t have class until Thursday! However, I do have my French language placement (ick) tomorrow. I have a feeling unless I just do really well on the written/listening, that I’ll be in Novice High, should they offer that. Honestly, French might be […]

Nope. Things didn’t go any better today. Sure, I didn’t not pass the whole class (at least I hope to God that isn’t the case), but I didn’t do nearly as well as I wanted to. I wanted that High Pass. Most of all, I just want to know that I CAN do this and […]

Don’t be fooled by my title. Not off to the best start ever. Freaked out over Micro homework last night and failed my Macro waiver by 7 points (needed 70/116 to pass, got 63/116). That test was terrible. Everything I’m bad at throw into one test. It was like Math GRE all over, except I […]

This is probably going to be a horribly boring post, but sometimes you just need to write. Or at least pretend that what you’re saying matters. I am trying to do something that I’m not sure any other student at SAIS is doing. I’m trying to waive three classes during Orientation week. So, during Orientation […]

I really did like Tumblr. Just the set-up and everything, and the themes were really nice. BUT, it could not get over the fact that I WAS NOT suspicious, even after I e-mailed Tumblr support TWICE. So, f-you Tumblr, I’m going over to Word Press. Anyway, here is a post from my first day of […]