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There were a lot of changes and triage during the last month, but I worked through it, worked my best, and I did it. I achieved the 2/2 I needed to get in Telugu. I was actually a bit disappointed in my score – but this is how I am. As both my boyfriend and […]

In Telugu readings, you often come across the same kind of verbs, just like in American newspapers. But, given that we have to complete timed readings, it’s easier when you can easily recognize some of the commonly used verbs. I hopefully got them all right. The verbs below are pulled directly from my readings, not in […]

My test is in about 19 days. Holy ****. I have been freaking out pretty much the last week, and I think I haven’t been sleeping well from the anxiety as well. I’ve been talking to a lot of the Language Consultants at FSI (there really is a lot of support staff there ready to […]

Sorry, no explanation – just jumping right into it. Side Note: I need to come up with a formal name for this blog, one that has to do with the Foreign Service (obviously). I’ll have to think on that, but if anyone has suggestions, feel free. Anyway, I had to do a homework assignment on […]

Not sure this is right…But, I have to start doing these narratives, so hopefully it’s mostly right! hahaha! This one is on travel in the US and a trip my Mom is taking up here for Christmas. అమెరికాలో ఎంతోమంది విమానముమీద ప్రయాణించారు. పని వాళ్లడానికి మంది కారులు చేసారు, కబతి కోసం సెలవు ఎంతోమంది విమానము మిడ ప్రయాణించారు. అమెరికాలో అన్ని […]

Language learning is killing me right now. Seriously, it feels like its draining everything out of me and I’m just doing enough to get out of bed in the morning. It’s certainly not something I look forward to on a daily basis, which is a sad fact right now. This is my job. This is […]

Some words keep popping up in my lessons that I think are really important and useful, mostly conjugations. కొంచము A little కొంత A little ఎంతో Very much చాలా A lot; much ఎక్కువ More; a lot మళ్లి Again చాలు Enough మరియెక్య Another ఎన్ని That many ఆన్ని All ఇన్ని This many కొన్ని Some కొన్నే Only a few […]

It might be a little bit of a longer post, but these four verbs can kind of all be lumped together. They do similar things to each other that are different (and easier) than other verbs. Luckily they are easier because they are super useful! These verbs are all similar because the verbs themselves do […]

It’s hard to figure out where to start with the grammar, so unfortunately blog-readers, you’re going to have to go with my whims. Probably reviewing whatever I’m going over in class today – which won’t make much sense for you. Sorry. I have officially upgraded my Mac and can write and read in Telugu with it […]